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Entry:  What to change about the main Prize Draw    Blog:  

Just to let you know that the new draw will be starting soon. Tonight's is the last draw until the new one starts. This is how it will work: It is daily with no minimum participants. Booster Points are now reduced by 10% daily if they are not used. This means that if you don't use them they will more than halve every week, eg. will be approximately 11% of the amount after 3 weeks. This doesn't affect the minimum Booster Points level of 10 times the number of your referrals. The limit will be 100 tickets per draw without Booster Points. Those with a lot of Booster Points will have the best chance but it's best to use them as soon as possible before the Booster Points have eroded. There is always a way to get more Credits so Credits are not the limiting factor. Therefore, to maximize your wins, you should use the Booster Points as soon as possible. You can get up to 200 Booster Points a day in the Tournaments if you win both. The prize pool no longer has a base amount of $6 but each participant raises the draw amount by $0.50 so the amount will be at least that and people get entered automatically in some cases (as will be explained later). The important new aspect to the draw is that every time you get Credits on the day of the draw, it also increases the prize pool. Every 1000 Credits (eg. adding a screenshot or a few reviews or posts) raises it by 10cents. Another new aspect is that for every 500 Credits someone earns on the day of the draw, they automatically get a free ticket entered. These extra tickets are separate and not counted when calculating the maximum entries so you can carry on entering more tickets by participating on the day of the draw, even if you've entered the maximum manual amount. Finally, everyone with Prize Draw Tokens exchanged, will get them automatically entered into the next draw (up to their maximum amount). There is no minimum amount for winnings to be sent. Paypal or Neteller where available are the preferred payment methods.

FairCasinos Thu Nov 22, 2007 10:50 pm

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